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Listen up, landlubbers!!!!!

September 19th (every year) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I will be talking like a pirate. (I wouldn’t dare ignore Talk Like a Pirate Day) http://www.talklikeapirate.com/

Yes, the Ohio River had real pirates, but they weren’t any fun.

American Queen

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Who lives in a pirate ship over the sea?

The old seadog

Who is peg legged and drunk as can be?

The old seadog

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Avast Mateys,

Arrgh, I have been scouring the Seven Seas in search of scalawags who ignored Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2012. Now it be 2013. Must I tell ye again what shall surely must happen if ye fail to heed me advice? I have a full crew and mark my words, we shall ferret out ye what fails to talk like a pirate. And me boys always deal cruelly with landlubbers.

Arrgh, I have already received reports of people foolish enough to ignore Talk Like a Pirate Day. Me thinks they like walking gang planks and feeding fish. Well, me boys takes a shine to feeding landlubbers to sharks.

While we’re close to land, I’ll have me lads fire a broadside at the shore. The ship is reeling in a circle. Another sea storm or too much grog? We’re about to dash on the rocks. Where is my crutch? And why did Polly fly off just when I needed her? One of you scalawags, hand me a cutlass!

Never you mind me wee problems. Talk Like a Pirate or there will be the devil for ye to pay. A cursed navy frigate just showed up. Grapeshot in the cannons! Boys, hoist the Jolly Roger up high and make the cowards quake! Then we shall finish Talk Like a Pirate Day.


And so be done with it!

The Old Seadog


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