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Titanic Menu

This is from April 14, 1912—the night before the iceberg. This is a third-class menu and would’ve been the last meal for most of them. (it is better than I expected) Smoked herring for breakfast is an English thing, sautéed with onions etc. The plum pudding is actually a thick raisin pudding. Without refrigeration, supper was simple. Cabin biscuits are just flour, shortening and salt. [Eric Suddeth supplied the menu]



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Beauty out of Sorrow


This is from an old song and is in response to a death in the family.

Love lifted me!
Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me!

I like this chorus because it is timeless and universal. The verses are religious and have a different feel, even the melody is the different. James Rowe wrote these words in 1912 after the Titanic sank. Some music experts believe this inspired the words.

The only thing I want to stress is the healing power of love.

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