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Rabbits and hares—never the twain shall meet.

Rabbit hunters in the USA are hare hunters. They are 2 different creatures.

Hares have 48 chromosomes—rabbits have 44.

Hares live in the Old and New World—rabbits are Old World.

Hares live in above ground nests, seldom in groups—rabbits live in burrows or warrens, in groups.

Hares are bigger and faster—some rabbits are domesticated.

If this is clear, let me confuse you—jackrabbits are native to the New World and are actually hares. Some hares are really rabbits—simply count chromosomes.

Just to clarify—rabbits were once called coneys—the words for hares, rabbits, bunnies, and coneys have an unknown origin—maybe that’s why they are confused with each other.

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