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Trains and more trains!

This B&O Railroad tower is located near US31 in Cementville, Indiana, just north of the Greentree Mall area—I believe it’s still standing. My Uncle Lawrence Ehringer—Dad’s brother-in-law worked in this tower midnight shift. About 1960—I was a wee lad—I spent the night in the tower with him. I expected him to spend the night raising gates or such. He counted  boxcars all night, sometimes making subtotals for  other railroads such as L&N, presumably for billing purposes. I loved it.

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Now, then, way back

Monon Railroad [Potawatomi for Swift Running] ran between Louisville and Chicago, bought out 1971. This station was located off State Street in New Albany, Indiana (not sure of precise location). 1910, 1966, present.

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When I was a wee lad (Mid 1950s), my mother (Mary Katherine Pait Suddeth) and I took the train from Detroit to Jeffersonville, Indiana. My grandparents met us at the station. I am thrilled the train station is still with us though the tracks are long gone. Near the corner of 10th and Spring, across the street from where my parents met.

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