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A survivor

This is my Water Maple. Maples have thin bark and need a moist environment to survive. Whenever a storm arises, Water Maple drops limbs wholesale. 15 years ago, a thunderstorm downed most of the tree, taking my carport, blocking the street. I thought it was gone, but it came back. I almost didn’t survive 6 years ago, so Water Maple and I are survivors. Yes, we meditate together. Life is precious.

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It would not give up

Meet Split Pine (close to my Corner Pine)—Split Pine had a rough time when young but has survived and thrived.It has at least one squirrel nest, and squirrels often come down to see why I’m stopping by their tree. I have started meditating with it, but it has been quiet, likely because of the freaking cold. (Right behind it is Oak who is dormant in this extreme weather) Trees are conscious beings, too.

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Pine Tree Meditation

On my third meditation with my Northwest Pine/Corner Pine, I received a sensation of the pine-needle-covered ground rising straight up. After a few moments, I realized it was in my mind, as in the pine tried to communicate—telling me—I’m down here—as in the roots.

Then I recalled biologists describing a network of tree roots, interconnected via underground fungi, communicating with each other. And with me? It made a believer out of me. Feel free to be skeptical, but I now have a profound respect for trees and a suspicion that consciousness resides in its enormous root system.

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Can trees think?

They communicate with each other (often warning about insect infestations). They have memory—long term and short term. They recognize their offspring and try to help their offspring. (hearing is controversial) Consciousness is the big unanswered question. The next time you are in the woods, remember this.


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