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Century of shame: Tulsa Greenwood Massacre AKA Black Wall Street Massacre started on the evening of May31, 1921 and ended noon June 1 with the arrival of the National Guard. It began with a group trying to prevent a lynching, ended with the destruction of the black business district. Up to 300 died, including 50 whites, 1000 more wounded. Say a pray for the victims.

Part of Greenwood District burned in Race Riots, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA,American National Red Cross Photograph Collection, June 1921. (Photo by: GHI/Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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I saw this on Facebook and HBO, so I checked. It is a genuine horror story.

May 31 and June1, 1921 white mobs attacked the black Greenwood district of Tulsa. The KKK flew private lanes over the area and dropped turpentine bombs. The area was destroyed, possibly 300 dead, mostly blacks. 600 whites went to hospitals, but the 2 black hospitals burned to the ground. 6,000 blacks were arrested—why just blacks? This is a horrible national stain.

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