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Both occur on February 14th.  Lupercalia is a purging, purification festival, connected to the Latin word for “wolf.” Different from Valentine’s Day, maybe, but the crowds used to run naked, which must have led to erotic situations. It continued after Christianity and may have been renamed Valentine’s Day when authorities gave up trying to suppress it.


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On Facebook for Valentine’s Day, one writer listed her favorite Doomed Romances. I thought about some Doomed Romances: Antony & Cleopatra, soldiers dying in battle with love letters in their pockets, Ikhnaton & Nefertiti, interracial lovers, inter-religious lovers, and I realized something. It’s snowing big-time and my Valentine plans are Doomed. The snow photo is from January, but we are having a February rerun.

Feb_27_001 winter2014


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