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Life on Venus!!!!?

Beware of Venusian attacks! Researchers have detected phosphine gas PH3 in the upper atmosphere of Venus. On earth it is only produced by microbes and human industrial activity. Either Venus has microbes or it has unique chemical activity. On to Venus!

[Editor’s note: Info from Scientific American. Last photo from Mr. Suddeth’s tortured imagination]

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Guy with a bow and arrow


Cupid is from the Latin word for “desire.” He is the son of Venus and Mars (Eros in Greek). His depictions show him anywhere from a chubby child with a bow to an erotic young man with a bow—Valentine’s Day can be anywhere from pure love to carnal love.


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The surface of Venus is 500 Degrees C—too hot for life. But the clouds are far cooler and hold many compounds, including carbonyl sulfide. Microbes on Earth can utilize sulfur compounds, even sulfuric acid. So microbes very well might live in those clouds.

Beware of Venus. (And I just might write about it)


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