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Oldest (300 AD) known Odin runic inscription, found in 2020, Jutland Peninsula, Denmark. Odin (English Woden) was the head God of the Norse and Germanic people. He supplanted Tyr (English Tue) earlier than previously believed. This gold pendant is about the size of a small saucer. Odin meant ecstasy, inspiration while Tyr meant shining, heavenly one.

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Vinland Queen

Víðförla, Far-Traveler:

Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir, Old Norse—Guðríðr víðfǫrla Þorbjarnardóttirwas born Iceland by 1000 AD. In Greenland, she married Leif Ericson’s brother, Thorstein Eiriksson. Living in Vinland (modern Newfoundland) for 2 years, she gives birth to Snorri Thorfinnsson, first child born in Vinland.

Later additions to the Sagas have her becoming Christian and traveling Europe, but these may be to appease later Cristian censors.

[L’Anse Aux Meadows, where she gave birth]

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Happy Birthday!

Today is my youngest son’s birthday. Eric Charles Suddeth, born March 8 in Louisville. I named him after Eric the Red, and he loves boats, though he has never admitted to viking. He is the one in blue.

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Conventional wisdom says that in the 17th century Spanish horses escaped, their population exploding on the great plains. Except most of the Spanish horses were geldings, neutered stallions. And horse numbers increased too quickly as mares have one foal at a time.

Some say native horses survived the ice ages to breed with Spanish horses. But why did the Aztecs have no horses? A new theory says that 1000 AD, ponies were abandoned when the Viking deserted North America. They mated with Spanish horses and the Plains Indian culture was born. (Cherokee pony photo)

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