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The Legend of Black Bart. Charles Boles/Bowles/Bolton born England 1829. After a quarrel with Wells Fargo 1875, he robbed stagecoaches along the California, Oregon line until 1883—28 known robberies. He didn’t like horses, robbed on foot with an unloaded shotgun, never fired a shot. His claim to fame was leaving his victims poems. He was captured and spent 4 years in prison. After being released 1887, he vanished, never seen again. Some say he went to Japan, some say he became a California pharmacist, BUT 1888 a stagecoach was robbed, a poem left. Detectives declared it a hoax, but who knows?

1877 first poem

I’ve labored long and hard for bread,
For honor, and for riches,
But on my corns too long you’ve tread,
You fine-haired sons of b*****s.

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