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Don’t ride the unicorns!

Unicorns are real!

People have suggested the rhinoceros was the animal ancients called unicorns. I used to laugh, but rhinos are the closest living relatives of equines (horse, donkeys, zebras). Rhinos are found in Africa, India, and SE Asia. Looks like Noah didn’t forget the unicorns after all.

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Tortoises may be slow, but they are not thin-skinned!

Tortoises are turtles who live on land, in contrast to sea turtles or terrapins (small freshwater turtles). They live on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Giant tortoises can be up to 4 feet long. It takes one about 3 hours to travel one mile, but don’t laugh—they can live up to 255 years so some around during the American Revolution may still be alive. They are primarily vegetarian but may eat some meat. Please, if you see one on the road, stop and help it, please don’t run them over. They are friendly and gentle.

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Hares: Don’t try to outrun one—some can go 50 MPH. They live in nests and are prococial—the young can move about on the own from birth. Hares are native to the New World and Old World. The origin of the word “hare” is obscure, likely meaning gray beast. A young hare is is a leveret. A group of hares is called a husk, down, or drove. While I have no hare nests on my property, a drove is not far away. Mama hares often bring young hares to my yard to teach them how to graze (many plants are poisonous).

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