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The Witches’ Castle (also known as Mistletoe Falls) is about 4 miles downriver from the Devil’s Backbone. It is on the outskirts of Utica, Indiana. Rumors about it abound: a friary, pagan temple, home to 3 witches, built by Prince Madoc (more about him at a later date), estate built in 1940, and the rumor that intrigues me:

It was the home to 3 Meti (Shawnee/French mixed blood) sisters, daughters of Charles Tully, the founder of Shawnee Tullytown. The residents of Utica had already lost a small battle with Shawnee of the Devil’s Backbone area, so a mob burned the Witch’s Castle down and tied the 3 sisters to a raft. The raft was let loose. Though no one knew for sure, the raft was assumed to have gone over the Falls of the Ohio, taking the sisters to their deaths. I do know that Shawnee descendants still live in the Devil’s Back Bone/Charlestown, Indiana area. I may be one—I am researching it. My father’s family lived in the area, many of them taking Indian wives. Some of the wives were likely Shawnee.


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