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Yuchi Language Project

2023 Salpulpa Oklahoma area.

The ball in the air is a Yuchi game similar to football: dagAntoné, “ball kick” (da-gay-n-to-neh). It is a ceremonial game with men and women participating.

Yuchi stickball: Tak’Âsha.(ta-k’-ayn-sha) Is played with 2 sticks and a goalpost and is often a ceremonial game.

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Tradition as Infinity

The Yuchi are an old Mound Builder tribe.

Culture and ritual mean everything

(Ova Short Suddeth, my grandmother’s people were mixed blood Yuchi Turkey Neck Bend Kentucky)

The Ancestors Bid Us To Abide By Our Traditions

Remember the legends [ttiyuleha]

Recall the teachings [tsobila goxtta]

Restore the Harmony [salayuxa]

Respect the elders [gocho’oha]

Revere the ancestors [gohanexa]

Renew the Spirit [gowone] Heritage Runs Far Deeper Than Blood.

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Yuchi forever

The Yuchi are a small tribe, this group is in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I am quite proud of their efforts to revive the Yuchi language. Those with a sign are from a Yuchi language camp, 2021, I think. The others are from an immersion program this year. Some of the small children learned to speak Yuchi first and can talk your ears off in Yuchi.

akAlA- thanks

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Yuchi New Years

Yuchi New Years is July 1: yUdjEha hô w@’nâga zA fa (Yuchi New Year)

During the full moon, they will have the Green corn ceremony—EspAtA, which includes crossing over the ritual Mound—s@chUnE  and Yuchi football. Arbor Dance and Soup Dance also this month.

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Children of the Sun

Yuchi culture: I have learned a little about Yuchi religion. They call themselves Tsoyaha—Children of the Sun—literally. The sun is female, 2 drops of her blood fell to the earth and became the first Yuchi.

They call God The One Who Is Breath or Giver of Breath—reminds me of the Hoy Spirit. (cannot recall the Yuchi word)

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Lost village site

The Coe Plantation was likely formed about 1820 along the Cumberland River at Turkeyneck Bend, Cumberland County, Kentucky. A Yuchi village stood at the site, and the plantation house was possibly built on the village because they didn’t have to clear the land—slaves may have used the Yuchi houses. An anthropologist interviewed some elderly people, but no one could even recall the village name. The Yuchi retreated into nearby Pea Ridge and Coe Ridge, marrying whites, some becoming my ancestors.

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Yuchi Tribe

The Savannah River Band of Uchee (Yuchi) live on the Isundiga River Reservation on the Savannah River in South Carolina. https://www.srbeucheetribe.org/

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Yuchi ceremony

Yuchi are an old Mound-builder culture and ceremony is important,

2 dances: Yuatea’cti Gun dance. Ddioea’ Turtle dance.

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Yuchi stomp dance

soKAnoAno We are still here: The Yuchi tribe still has an active ceremonial life. Then and now photos, Oklahoma. (the Yuchi once lived in a village in Turkey Neck Bend, Cumberland County Kentucky, my grandmother was born nearby)

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