Gourmet food?

The chefs at Headley Hill Manor went retro on me. They fixed me tomato, Velveeta, and mayonnaise on wheat bread. Super! [Editor’s notes: Mr. Suddeth has swigged coffee all day–he has no chefs]

Bellevoir Mansion

A part of Ormsby Plantation, Bellevoir Mansion was built in 1867 across the tracks and down the road from the main plantation. Bellevoir was a Standardbred (harness racing horses) farm. In the 20th century, it became Ormsby Village, an orphanage. Around 1980, it was Kentucky Railway Museum (I visited there!). Nowadays, it is an office park. The mansion is still there—I visited it once when the YMCA had offices there.


Ormsby Plantation

From 1803, 1,000 acres between the banks of Goose Creek and along Lagrange Road. (maybe even my home) Judge Stephen Ormsby called his estate Maghera Glass, Gaelic for “green grass.” Mansion built 1830s. In 1896, it became the Kentucky Military Institute, military boys’ school. In 1973, Ten Broeck Hospital took over the plantation (they call it their KMI location).

I just learned that writer Washington Irving dined here.

Mystery photo

I don’t know the specifics about this photo, except that it is rural Kentucky. Judging from the 2 cars, I would say around 1940. I was not surprised about the horse and buggy. I recall a man in Taylorsville, Kentucky driving a pony wagon to town to grocery shop. My grandpa recalled Louisville in the 1890s, before cars. He said the stench from road apples was terrible.

Watch the skies

The Perseid meteor showers are at their peak now through August 13. Earth is passing through the rubble of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Best viewing: pre-dawn hours, look straight up, slightly north. (you will need a dark sky)Northern hemisphere is best. I live in the city and avoid dawn–I will watch via NASA’s live streaming.


Pigeon Roost Massacre

On September 3, 1812, Indians attacked the settlement of Pigeon Roost, near current-day Underwood Indiana. 9 adults and 15 children were killed. 2 children were kidnapped. Survivors fled to a blockhouse. Later a militia group caught up with the attackers at Sand Creek in Bartholomew County, but one militiaman was killed, and the Indians escaped unharmed. (up to 4 Indians may have died at Pigeon Roost)

The settlement was squatters. The attackers were mainly Shawnee from Tullytown, near Charlestown Indiana and Muscatatuck near North Vernon Indiana. Other Shawnee and Delaware Indians may have helped.

This is of special interest to me as my grandfather, Lawrence Suddeth was born near about 4 miles west in Leota Indiana (70 years later) and grew up 5 miles west near Marysville Indiana. So far as I know, no family was involved with the settlers, with the Shawnee, possibly.


Sci fi on sale!

Big Red

Dancing Lemur Press: sci fi

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Bonobos AKA Pygmy Chimps are close relatives of chimpanzees (despite the name, they are about the same size). Bonobos live south of the Congo River while Chimps live north of the river. Bonobos fascinate me because they are mankind’s closest living relative. Many of their social and mating habits are similar.

Mystery solved

Everyone knows of Lady Godiva’s naked ride. BUT early historians insist she wore a shift, medieval slip. Anglo-Saxon naked “naecad” meant improperly clothed which could mean no clothes or just a shift. Had she ridden bare “baer,” she would indeed have been nude. My picture book manuscript is The True Lady Godiva. Lady Godiva – 1010AD to about 1077AD. After the penance ride, her husband lowered tolls on Coventry. Among her famous descendants are William Shakespeare and Daniel Webster. And me—she is also my great…grandmother.

E book on sale!

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