The Mary M. Miller—named after Louisvillian Mary Millicent Miller, the first woman to attain her steamboat captain’s license, 1884. Originally built in nearby Utica, Indiana, 1985 by Marine Builders. Originally named Missouri River Queen, she holds 350 passengers and leaves from the Louisville wharf.

My grandson, Ethan Suddeth, turns eighteen today! He will graduate this year from Louisville’s Seneca High School. He is a talented writer. Photographer. Musician. He even throws a mean tomahawk. (If you are a wooden target, beware!) [Ethan in the middle]


[I am Charles Thomas Suddeth]

Thomas Gillenwaters served in the Union Army, Company C, 37th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Infantry. He grew up near Fountain Run, KY. 1880s, he lived in Cave City KY. 1890s, he lived in Horse Cave KY. Both Cave City and Horse Cave have Gillenwater Streets. (small towns, not a coincidence)



Today, April 2, is International Children’s Book Day 2020. Read to a child. Or give them a book. Or encourage them to read. Though library activities have been cancelled, you can have your own book day at home. Though I am a children’s author, the choice of the book is up to you and your child.

Sorry about Nessie

Loch Ness Let Down

Researchers from Pictland College, Scotland discovered that Nessie is NOT a prehistoric dinosaur. This will destroy the Scottish tourism industry. Nessie is a garden-variety of English dragon, not at all unusual. (St. George did not slay all the dragons)

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has again slipped Bourbon into his coffee]

Science is Amazing

Researchers at Louisville State University School of Dairy Science developed the Brown Swiss Chocolate Cow. After being fed cocoa leaves, it produces chocolate milk. (LSU’s Goose Creek Experimental Dairy Farm off Fort William Road) Officials expect to have herds producing chocolate milk in time for the fall school semester.

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth will not stop drinking coffee]


Real Shocker!

Shocking Discovery!

An alert Census Taker discovered a family of Bigfoot living in suburban Louisville, Saltlick Road area. Census administrators will determine if the Bigfoot family can be counted. Local officials are discussing the feasibility of serving the family with an eviction notice—the property belongs to the government because of back taxes. Police recommend that sightseers stay away for safety reasons.

[Editor’s note: It is April 1st, and Mr. Suddeth has consumed far too much caffeine]

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