Full Moon of August

August Full Moon: Sturgeon. Fishing, anyone?

Cherokee: Fruit Moon Galoni ᎦᎶᏂ. Paint Clans gather herbs. Wild Potato” Clans AniNudawegi ᎠᏂᏄᏓᏪᎩ harvest foods growing along streams, marshes, ponds.

Aztec jewel

Texcoco AKA Tetzcoco (Among the jarilla flowers) was founded 1115 AD on the eastern shore of Lake Texcoco. It was one of 3 city states that made up the Aztec Empire (Tenochtitlan, Tlacopan). By 1500, Texcoco contained many libraries and was a center of learning and culture with a population of 20,000. Part of the Mexico City metropolitan area.


Aztec Glory

Lake Chalco named after town, Chalco, Edge of the Lake, is southeast of central Mexico City, an dis one of the 5 Lakes ringing Tenochtitlan, Aztec capital. Though a road bisects the lake, it is very much alive, fed by springs. Well worth a visit.


The Legend of Black Bart. Charles Boles/Bowles/Bolton born England 1829. After a quarrel with Wells Fargo 1875, he robbed stagecoaches along the California, Oregon line until 1883—28 known robberies. He didn’t like horses, robbed on foot with an unloaded shotgun, never fired a shot. His claim to fame was leaving his victims poems. He was captured and spent 4 years in prison. After being released 1887, he vanished, never seen again. Some say he went to Japan, some say he became a California pharmacist, BUT 1888 a stagecoach was robbed, a poem left. Detectives declared it a hoax, but who knows?

1877 first poem

I’ve labored long and hard for bread,
For honor, and for riches,
But on my corns too long you’ve tread,
You fine-haired sons of b*****s.

Angel Mounds

Evansville, Indiana on the Ohio River. Mississippian-mound builder culture, active from about 1000 AD to 1600. Ceremonial center with temples and homes on the mounds. My guess is Siouan tribes that left the area about 1650 during the Beaver War.

Sons, Tommy and Eric, and grandson, Ethan, went with me on Saturday July 30. 600 acre grounds plus great museum. [photo Eric center, Ethan and I flanking him]

Dawn on Six Mile Island, Ohio River, 6 miles upriver from Louisville. Tuesday morning. Eric Suddeth photo 080222

Celebrate with food!

Lughnasa bread for celebrating this day.

Sweet potato hot-water cornbread: 2 cups cornmeal, 16 oz can sweet potatoes/yams—drain half the sugar water – discard, 1 cup boiling water, cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger to taste.

Combine ingredients, form patties, knead. Fry. Give thanks. Serve with butter.

Lughnasa is August 1. Gathering of Lugh, Irish God of light and the harvest. AKA Lammas, Loaf Mass, celebrating the grain harvest, cakes and breads are enjoyed. Ancient Ireland, Trial Marriages could be performed, I did not expect that!


The glory that was Tenochtitlan

Tenochtitlan (rocky, prickly pear cactus place) was founded about 1300 AD and became capital of the Aztec empire. In 1519, its population was about 200,000. It shared the same island in Lake Texcoco with another city-state, Tlatelolco (north island). This is now central Mexico City.

Lake reincarnation

Lake Texcoco was the central and biggest of the lakes surrounding Tenochtitlan. After 1521 the Conquistadors drained much of it, though portions remain. Mexico is building the Lake Texcoco Ecological Park, which will restore much of the lake and will be a great tourist destination.  

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