Interstellar object #2 (Oumuamua was 1st). 2IBorisov was discovered in 2019 by an amateur astronomer—Borisov. It is a rogue comet, coming from outside the solar system, passing closest to Earth December 2019.

Ohio River Sunday morning, a few miles upriver from Louisville. I love the contrast between the dawn-lit river and the night-shrouded river. Eric Suddeth photo 040721

Marysville Indiana is about 8 miles north of Charlestown Indiana. My grandfather, Lawrence Suddeth, grew up on a farm 2 miles from Marysville—it began as a railroad station. The station closed, almost killing it. A tornado in 2012 leveled the town. Now a post office, church, and a few houses are all that remain.

Paradise is at hand!

I am pleased to announce that you may visit Paradise, located on Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A tourist town, it is home to a blueberry festival and gateway to Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Bovine Sweetheart: Jersey milk cows are a British breed noted for their small size and high butterfat milk. They are easily recognized by their tawny color and distinctive Jersey-dish face. Though I didn’t grow up on a dairy farm, I have a little experience with dairy cows and always preferred working with Jerseys because of their calmness.

Saltwater Geniuses

Sea-Einstein: Cuttlefish are on a par with octopuses as the most intelligent invertebrates. They communicate with each other through changing their colors and posture. Weighing up to 20 pounds, releasing ink when angry, and having a toxic bite, they are best left alone. They have 8 legs and 2 tentacles. There are none in the New World.

Heroic Lady

Sacrificed life—the real story of Pocahontas, not the Disney version, but the Mattaponi version. She married Kocoum, they had a daughter, Ka-Okee. The English wanted her to hold for ransom because her father was chief of the Powhatan. They kidnapped her and killed her husband. To avoid war, she agreed to go to England and marry John Rolfe. Tiring of English life, she boarded a boat to return home. She was poisoned and died young.

Hell for Certain (Hell Fer Sartin) is a village in Leslie County, SE Kentucky. (locals prefer Dryhill) It is named after a creek of the same name—named after peculiar rock formations. Vacation destination?

Beware of Ghosts!

Hoosier Ghost Town: Tremont was located along Lake Michigan and was abandoned to create Indiana Dunes State and National Park. It was big enough to have a railroad station, but nothing remains. Except ghosts, of course. No doubt looking for their former homes. (campground is in the old town)

One wild lady!

Women’s History Month:  Princess Enheduanna lived in Ur, Sumer about 2200 BC. She was the daughter of King Sargon of the Akkadian Empire and Queen Tashlultum, likely Sumerian. Enhedunna was High Priestess of Innana, Goddess of Love. Later she was involved in political intrigues. Her claim to fame: History’s first known author, writing in Sumerian cuneiform.

Five of her works survive. Her most well-known work, Nin-me-šara or The Exaltation of Inanna, deals with palace intrigue. The other four are collections of hymns: In-nin ša-gur-ra or Inanna…. (translation unknown).  n-nin me-huš-a or Inanna and Ebih. The Temple Hymns. And lastly, Hymn to Nanna.

Lady Inanna, Queen of heaven and earth,

Beloved of An, King of heaven and earth,

Thy light doth…

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