Sequoya Day

Osiyo ᎣᏏᏲ hello

October 15 is Sequoya Day. 200 years ago, Sequoya ᏎᏉᏯ (1770-1843) presented the Cherokee Syllabary to the Cherokee people. His script inspired the invention of 21 other scripts. We honor his memory. Wado ᏩᏙ thank you.

Sequoyah Mystery: These markings in the Cherokee syllabary are dated 1808 or 1818. His syllabary wasn’t completed until 1821, but Sequoyah worked on them for years. The cave is the burial site of Chief Redbird ᏦᏧᏩ tso-tsu-hwa in southeastern Kentucky. Sequoyah had relatives in the area, and he taught at the Choctaw Academy near Georgetown Kentucky. Ha-tlv ᎭᏢ where?

It’s spelunking time!

Diamond Caverns, Park City, Kentucky. No diamonds, calcium mistaken for jewels. Once used for cave weddings. Stalactite formation named Cave Bacon. Photos taken by Ethan Suddeth, October 9, 2021.

Time passes

Photo of my grandmother, Mary Gillenwaters Pait, about 1921, standing in front of Kehoe’s Market, Jeffersonville, Indiana. She was expecting her first child. The building and house next door are amazingly still there. My great-grandmother, Louisa Ward Gillenwaters, lived in the house.

Spelunker’s paradise

Styx River, Mammoth Cave National Park. The river was dried up, but 70 miles away in Louisville we are getting flash floods. Photo by my talented grandson, Ethan Suddeth. Saturday October 9, 2021. Great hiking and camping there. Caves, too.

What European discovered the New World?

Christopher Columbus October12, 1492

Vinland, Newfoundland, Vikings 1000

Greenland, Vikings in 986

Iceland 800, Irish monks, perhaps earlier—it lies off the coast of Greenland the Continental Divide splits Iceland in 2—the Eurasiatic Plate and North American Plate meet.

You decide.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Monday October 11.

USA Indigenous People:

American Indians (Amerind)


Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders of American Territories

Did I leave anyone out? (I have one other possibility)

Weep for the fallen

October 5, 1813: Tecumseh announced he would die fighting the Americans at the Battle of the Thames in Ontario. His warriors begged him not to lead, but he refused, saying only a coward would refuse to fight because he was going to die. He fell in battle, no one knows who felled him. Some say his body was buried in secret. Many say he was the greatest military leader North America ever produced. The dreams of the Shawnee people died that day (a few of them, my ancestors). [Tecumseh’s well-used tomahawk]

Frightful night full

Boo at the Zoo!

The Louisville Zoo will haunt you!

October 1–3, 7–10, 14–17, 21–24, & 28-30 2021 (Thursdays – Sundays)
Party starts at 5 p.m. Route closes at 10 p.m.
Special Tickets Required for all Guests ages 3+

And a Virtual Costume Contest.

Mound-builder survivors: The Yuchi, Down Yonder, AKA Tsoyaha or Coyaha, Children of the Sun, have a rich ceremonial life. 1909 Big Turtle Dance and modern Old Folks Dance.

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