Fact or fiction?

Charles Suddeth

Thunderbird dances, Thunderbird screams,

He soars over black storm clouds,

Rings the moon and circles the sun.

He lands on snowy mountain tops,

Seizes monster oaks with his claws,

And drinks dry rivers and lakes.

We dance to please him, to appease him,

Our drums match the beat of his heart,

Our fires burn as hot as his blood.

We sing and chant and praise his power,

Offer up smoke of cedar and sage,

And bow before his holy presence.

Quetzalcoatl—Nahuatl/Aztec for “feathered serpent” is thought to be a dragon myth. Mayans call the feathered serpent Kukulkan. Scientists claim that dinosaurs were feathered. What if feathered dinosaurs survived in remote places until recent centuries? What if the dragon myths are merely memories of feathered dinosaurs?

My Martian Overlords are warning everyone. Those who remove a Monolith will be hauled to a Martian penal colony. Martian prisons are not for fainty dainty types.

[Editor’s note: who gave Mr. Suddeth an extra cup of coffee?]

This 30-minute drive through features lights and Christmas exhibits at Louisville Mega Cavern, near Louisville Zoo. Through January 3. Tickets required. https://lightsunderlouisville.com/#/

He marches in Tenochtitlan’s parade,

Villagers shower him with frangipani,

Pink blossoms cling to his long hair,

Their fragrance fondles his nostrils.

When he reaches the pyramid,

The crowd chants and claps.

He climbs the fifty-two steps,

Each strewn with orange marigolds.

On the altar, a maiden awaits,

Her eyes glassy, her lips blistered.

She reminds him of his daughter,

But he offers prayers to the sun.

He lifts his blade above his head,

Its gleaming black obsidian ready.

The knife plunges straight down,

The scent of frangipani rises.

Lumbee Collard Sandwich

Collard greens cooked in oil, dash of water. Season with sugar/salt. Use fried cornbread/johnnycake. Cover 2 pieces with collard greens, 2 more pieces on the outside. Top with 2 slices of bacon. [my triple-great-grandfather, John Pate, came from Lumbee territory]

For the long nights

Oh, Dark Lady, Oh

Charles Suddeth

Forever shalt thou dwell

In the halls of the Dark Lady,

Who certainly recalls thy face,

And often praises thy name.

Thou shalt remember everything,

And speak highly of the sun.

She bears thee through the night,

And lets thee land without harm.

She shall whisper to thee secrets,

That only the blessed may hear,

Names of those who came first,

And those who surely must follow.

Thou shalt abide the weeping,

Rejoice in that glorious new night.

When the Lady’s horn doth blow,

Depart with head held high.

Winter Woods Spectacular—Iroquois Park, Louisville.  Now through December 31. Half-mile drive through Xmas lights/sounds/images. Ticket required—proceeds go to the Louisville Parks Foundation.https://www.winterwoodsspectacular.org/shows


Wampanoag boiled bread: Moisten with very hot water and form into patties. Drop into boiling water. Patties rise to the top when cooked. Sweeten with maple syrup. half cup each:  cornmeal, corn flour, dried berries (cranberries, blueberries, currants), crushed nuts/seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds)

The Hoatzin is a bird living in northeast South America. Like dinosaurs, the chicks have 2 claws on each wing. The size of a pheasant, they eat plants—no one is in danger. (I just found out that other birds have winged claws as befitting a dinosaur)

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