Looking for an MG Agent

Hello agents: When Tsatsi and his sister get lost during the 1838 Trail of Tears, he fights Stone Man, a Cherokee monster. My great-great grandfather was a Cherokee whose family escaped and went north during the Trail of Tears. He died long before I was born, but I was privileged to meet his youngest son.

Mini-synopsis: After Twelve-year-old Tsatsi and his sister separate from their family during the Trail of Tears, a giant named Stone Man drags her to his lair. Tsatsi fights him, dodges renegades, and hides from soldiers, so he and his sister can reunite with their family in the Smoky Mountains. At 45,000 words, Stone Man’s Lair is an edited and completed middle-reader historical adventure. The background is authentic, and I have found no children’s books dealing with this aspect of the Trail of Tears.


High Concept Novels

5 elements of high concept:

  • Premise (is not the plot) has broad appeal. High concept title is easily understood. Wide range of interest. [Harry Potter etc.]
  • Ooooooh factor. Originality crossed with familiarity. Take something you know and twist it. [J K Rowling did this]
  • Compelling emotional appeal. Driven by emotion. Make the reader care from the first page. [the readers fell in love with Harry]
  • Stand out setting. Spectacular, not expected. [made a magical world seem English yet new]
  • A story that illuminates/gives insight to universal human truth. Or it challenges expectations. [Harry rising above his tormentors]
  • Here is my high concept novel, Eighth Mask: Murder on the Cherokee Reservation. Read it to find out how and why it fits!
  • Eights Mask2

Agent Hunt

Someone kidnaps Sally, and James must decide whether to rescue her and face his own murderous past or assume she’s a murderer, too. I am looking for an agent:

Sally slips into James’s isolated cabin in the middle of the night, claiming to be fifteen, but he believes she is the twenty-one-year-old who killed a grocery clerk during a robbery. After she learns he is accused of murdering a couple over a lover’s triangle and of World War 2 war crimes, she is afraid he will kill her, but she has no place to go. They plot to attack each other in self-defense. After someone kidnaps Sally, James has to choose whether to rescue her and confront his own past or assume she’s also a murderer. Whistle Pig Down is a completed and edited 80,000-word literary mystery/suspense novel, which takes place in 1955 along the Kentucky-Tennessee border. (Subtitle: Ferry to Hell) My grandmothers’ families come from this part of Appalachia, and it is under-served literary wise.


Searching for an agent

Completed and edited, looking for an agent:

17-year-old Sy dreams that he is Osiris, & then he finds Lisa, Isis, but a detective accuses Sy of murder because 3 people die while Sy watches. After Seth & Anubis take Sy’s little sister hostage, can Sy and Lisa rescue her and defeat them? Does Osiris have to die again in the twenty-first century? Osiris Must Die is a YA urban fantasy that takes place in the real world.


Halloween Book Signing

Book signing on October 15, 11 to 4 at Karen’s Book Barn, 127 East Main St. Lagrange, KY 40031. I will be signing all 3 of my books:

Eighth Mask: Murder on the Cherokee Reservation

Experiment 38

Halloween Kentucky Style


This is a YA magical realism novel set in 1780: In the Moon’s Shadow

Redbird rescues Rachel from a killer and takes her to a village where people are dying in the night, no one daring to speak openly of Raven Mocker. Redbird seeks out the last Anikotani, Cherokee priest, who has the magic spell to defeat Raven Mocker.

I am having fun writing this, but this story is YA magical realism bordering on horror. (not for the faint of heart)



Blog guesting

I am on Diversion Press’s Blog today, Sunday October 2! Visit with me on their blog. http://diversionpress.blogspot.com/