Beware Loki

Loki, trickster Norse god, loves April Fools.

But people were wise to him.

He morphs into Freya, goddess of love

A man beds Freya, wakes up to Loki’s bearded face.

Runs away.

April Fool’s Day

For April Fools, #Loki changes into a pig.

Town boys chase him into a blind alley.

He morphs into a Frost Giant.

Before the boys get home a blizzard bombs them.

April first

I have a message from #Loki, God of chaos.

Today is April Fools. Let not the truth escape your lips.

Be merry and sow chaos everywhere.

Runic spoons are common. I am guessing spoons were hard to come by and were closely guarded. The inscription is my amateur attempt at deciphering it.

RPRNOERTH>perhaps: RPR NOERTH –part of his first name, North either a family name or his origin. (likely not room for entire name)

April Louisville SCBWI Social

Note: The hours have been changed to 5 to 7 to make it easier to drive home in daylight. Monday afternoon I have hernia surgery, and I cannot come. Kurt Hampe will be the host!

This is for everyone involved in kid’s books from picture books through YA, no fees: authors, unpublished writers, illustrators, new writers, agents, editors, publishers, bookstore people. No SCBWI membership necessary. Those outside Kentucky welcome, too.

Monday, April 3, 5 to 7 pm. No RSVP necessary. Barnes & Noble’s Café, 801 South Hurstbourne Parkway, near I-64. The 1st hour for socializing, the 2nd hour for optional critiques.  Stay for 2 hours or 5 minutes. Coming late is fine! For more information, Charles Suddeth csuddeth@iglou.com 502-649-9944

Drink ’em down

Louisville area getting an Oyster Bar.

I didn’t know oysters drank.

Will the bar allow non-oysters in?

Asking for a friend.7

Pagan Easter (March 20) AKA Spring Equinox is today. Anglo-Saxons called it Eostre who was the Dawn and Fertility Goddess. Rabbits and eggs were associated with her. Some things don’t change.

Oldest (300 AD) known Odin runic inscription, found in 2020, Jutland Peninsula, Denmark. Odin (English Woden) was the head God of the Norse and Germanic people. He supplanted Tyr (English Tue) earlier than previously believed. This gold pendant is about the size of a small saucer. Odin meant ecstasy, inspiration while Tyr meant shining, heavenly one.

Today I am starved

Today, March 14, is Pi Day, as in round and in dessert.

As the Yuchi say: kahthl’oh dahbeesan shpah shohnay (Pie blackberry)

Ya’ll do the math, I’ll get the coffee.

Tecumseh’s tongue

Shawnee word of the day: howesilepwa – feel good or be glad. I have Piqua Shawnee ancestry from both parents though I do not claim to be Shawnee. Spoken mainly in Oklahoma.

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