Horses? What horses?

The first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby, but the Derby Festival starts with Thunder Over Louisville on Saturday April 21, 2 weeks before the Derby. It includes a huge airshow and giant fireworks.

Sorry, no airplanes will race, but the Derby Festival includes steamboat races, balloon races, bed races (not a typo), and rodent races (not a typo either). Oh, and lots of horse races, especially the Oaks, where the lady horses race. Besides racing, there is lots of music, the Pegasus Parade, and non-stop partying.

Excuse me, but it’s time for another mint julep.

Archetypes in Writing

Heroes and Heroines


The Main Character and/or Antagonist:

Osiris: Male messiah

The protagonist is the sacrificial person. E.g. Luke Skywalker, Robin Hood, & King Arthur (the hero in many action movies)

The antagonist is the punisher. The bad guy in most action movies.


Isis: Female messiah

The protagonist has a connection to the divine even if she doesn’t want it. E.g. Catniss (Hunger Games), Joan of Arc,

The antagonist is the destroyer. E.g. Miranda (The Devil Wears Prada).


Artemis: Female avenger

The protagonist likes traveling, is intuitive and instinctual. E.g. Wonder Woman.

The antagonist is Medusa.


Athena: Farmer’s daughter

The protagonist is tomboy, smart, unemotional. E.g. Hermione, Nancy Drew, Annabel from Percy Jackson, Pocahontas.

The antagonist is ?


Ares: Male protector

The protagonist is physical, the alpha male, lives on the edge. E.g. Zorro, Han Solo.

The antagonist is a gladiator. E.g.?


Hades: The male recluse

The protagonist is lonely, introverted. E.g., Edward Cullen in Twilight (or other vampire novel). Sherlock Holmes?

The antagonist is a warlock who is antisocial and bitter. E.g. Darth Vader and Voldemore.




We often spend time with the main characters, but forget these important characters:

The Magi: Source of wisdom. E.g. Yoda, Dumbledore, Merlin.


The Mentor: Like an advanced helper. E.g. Obi Wan or Morpheus.


The Best Friend: Can be helpful, not always helpful. E.g. C3PO, Hagrid, Ron (Harry Potter), Dr. Watson.


The Loner: Tends to be the confidant. E.g. R2D2 or Toto (Wizard of Oz).




Not the same as an antagonist, because they have the same goals as the protagonist.


Trailblazer: Goes ahead of protagonist. E.g. Puck.


Jester: Tries to help but gets in way. E.g. Scarecrow for Wizard of Oz.


Investigator: Gets in the way with the investigation. Many detective stories such as Sherlock Holmes arguing with the police.


Pessimist: “You’ll never get it done.” Many movies where the main character is told to give it up.


Psychic: Thinks he/she knows it all.

The Inuit (Eskimo is derogatory) arrived in the arctic about 1000 AD, but they were not the 1st. They met the Tunit (AKA Paleo-Eskimos or Dorset culture). Who were the Tunit?

Most of the Tunit vanished about 1400 AD for unknown reasons. A group may have persisted until 1900—the Sadlermiut lived on Coats Island & vicinity. Inventors of the igloo, Tunit culture was very different from the Inuit. DNA testing should shed more light on their history.

i am dying to write about them.

Saturday, April 14th, 10 am to 5 pm

La Grange Community Center, 307 W. Jefferson Street, La Grange, Kentucky

Sponsored by Hydra Publications and Main Street La Grange. With over 70 authors in attendance, it will be one of the largest fairs of its kind in the Commonwealth. In addition, there will be food trucks, games for kids, and frivolity for all. The fair features some of the best regional authors of nearly every genre.


I will be there with all 4 of my books!

April is National Poetry Month: Poets, I salute you! (I write some poetry, but I do not consider myself a poet)

Read some poetry, or better yet, write your own.

Here is one of my published poems  (this one is appropriate for Louisville’s current weather):

I Ain’t Noah

By Charles Suddeth


The rains kept coming down,

They would not stop,

Not until the floods washed up,

Water covering the world.


But I ain’t Noah,

And I didn’t have a boat,

And I didn’t have a plan,

And I didn’t have a mop.


I was soaking and dripping,

Even my soul waterlogged.

A pig-jowled weatherman mumbled,

The drought is finally over.


But I didn’t cheer,

And I didn’t dance.

I ain’t Noah,

And I sure can’t swim.

Flash flood watch

The Louisville area is in a flash flood watch. My spaghetti fields are rotting. What can I do? Writers should never be farmers I guess.

Nico Navarro, 15, wades through a field of hanging “spaghetti” strings in Boston’s Dewey Square as part of the Figment art festival, Sunday, July 28, 2013. PHOTO BY ERIN BALDASSARI/BOSTON METRO.


Fools ye be!

April Fool’s Day:

I found countless theories about April Fool’s Day. The stories go back to at least medieval times, but sometimes fool’s day was different days. Though it is not a worldwide custom, it is common North & South America, Europe, & the middle-east. In French speaking areas it is associated with fish, not sure why, as in something smells?