Dine Cherokee style

Pumpkin Soup—Eastern Band Cherokee

Iya ᎢᏯ

2 TSP olive oil, , 1 medium chopped onion, 1 TSP salt, ¼ teaspoon chipotle chili powder, ½ teaspoon black pepper, 2 29oz cans pumpkin, 4 cups chicken broth, 2 cups apple cider, ½ cup whipping cream/half-and-half: Cook in crock pot HIGH heat 4 hours. Garnish: sour cream to taste, ½ cup raw pumpkin seeds, 3 slices thick-cut bacon.  

Yuchi forever

The Yuchi are a small tribe, this group is in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I am quite proud of their efforts to revive the Yuchi language. Those with a sign are from a Yuchi language camp, 2021, I think. The others are from an immersion program this year. Some of the small children learned to speak Yuchi first and can talk your ears off in Yuchi.

akAlA- thanks


Some projects succeed after meticulous planning, others succeed with just improvisation and blind luck as happened with the Canadian Rock Band, The Guess Who, about 1969. Just before the show, Guitarist Randy Bachman broke a string and was tuning it, in the process inventing a new riff and played it again. The band came to the stage and joined in, creating a jam session around the new riff. Lead singer Burton Cummings rushed onto the stage and improvised lyrics.  Afterwards they realized they had a great song and found a boy on the front row who’d recorded it. American Woman was released in 1970, number 1 in USA and Canada. Great song, blues-rock.

American Woman Lyrics

American woman
Stay away from me…

Autumn falls on us all


September 22 is the Fall Equinox (night and day equal), the first day of Fall. It is also a harvest celebration, Mabon, named after Mabon ap Modron, Welsh Son of the Mother Goddess, also a sun god.

Mabon buttermilk bread: one pound flour, pint buttermilk, 1 TSP baking soda, 8 oz dried fruit (raisins, apples etc.). Bake 350 F about 25 minutes.

Hey buttercup!

Anyone calls you buttercup, they are insulting you. My manuscript, A Scattering of Shadows, has the main character hiding in a buttercup field. Buttercups grow in cool, moist conditions. More to the point, they are very toxic to eat, and being around the flowers will cause eye and skin irritation. Yes, my main character quickly left the field—even cattle refuse to eat them.


Arghh again!

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. A shout out to my triple great grandfather John Pate, who lived at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois and by my reckoning belong to the Ohio River pirates there. No apologies, he was Lumbee Indian, and people stole North Carolina from Indians.


Who lives in a pirate ship over the sea?

The old seadog

Who is peg legged and drunk as can be?

The old seadog

Monday, September 19, 2022

The Seven Seas (or so it seems)

Avast Mateys,

Arrgh. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. New rules. Them what don’t like a pirate we feeds to me Kraken. Oh, it dearly loves landlubbers. Me boys are already scouting, watching, Listening. Oh, ye who do not heed my words will rue the day of their birth.

Lads, that pesky Navy ship be bothering us again! Fire a round of cannons at them. Where’s me rum? Me saber? Me pistol? Me pegleg? And Polly, you flea-feathered scoundrel, don’t desert the ship!

The Navy is sending manned balloons to thwart us? Next the Navy will have carriers for their aerocraft. Lads, don’t abandon me! Not while I need ye! Blow the balloons out of the sky and sink their shiny ship! Lads?

Me head is reeling. Lads? I’m alone and never learned to swim! Woe is me!

What was I saying? Aye. It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Now be done with it!

The Old Seadog


I found my thrill…..

Fats Domino’s bluesy rock and roll song, Blueberry Hill, is one of my favorite 1950s songs, BUT it first appeared in a 1940 Gene Autry movie. The music is by Vincent Rose, an Italian immigrant, the lyrics by 2 Tin Pan Alley songwriters—Larry Stock & Al Lewis. 6 more people recorded it in 1940, including a hit by Glen Miller. In 1949, Louie Armstrong had a hit with a blues version. Then in 1956, Fats Domino makes it his song (Yet he spoke French Creole, learned English in school).

Alive and well in Jamaica

Jamaica is still home to 2 Indian tribes living in the Blue Mountains with the Maroons. One tribe is Taino — Hummingbird Yamaye (YukayekeYamayeGuani) who have chosen a chief, Kasike. The other is a Cibnoey tribe, the Igneri. I have found little about them. Those with info, please comment.

Don’t ride the unicorns!

Unicorns are real!

People have suggested the rhinoceros was the animal ancients called unicorns. I used to laugh, but rhinos are the closest living relatives of equines (horse, donkeys, zebras). Rhinos are found in Africa, India, and SE Asia. Looks like Noah didn’t forget the unicorns after all.

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