I signed a publishing contract with Dancing Lemur Press for my middle-readers (ages 8 to 12) historical novel, Stone Man: Trail of Tears. It will be released in October 2019 in paperback and eBook formats.

After Twelve-year-old Tsatsi and his sister separate from their family during the Cherokee Trail of Tears, a giant Tsatsi thinks is Stone Man drags her to his lair. Tsatsi fights him, dodges renegades, and hides from soldiers as he and his sister try to reunite with their family in the Smoky Mountains.

Though Dancing Lemur Press welcomes bookstore and book signing sales, their focus is in school and library sales.


A recent article in Scientific American discusses how stressed-out men pass on stress to offspring. During periods of stress, Extracellular Vesicles (containing lipids, proteins, nucleic acids) break off from cells in the father’s body and enter sperm cells. These Extracellular Vesicles cause small non-coding RNA molecules to shut the sperm’s genes on and off, thus passing the stress to Dad’s offspring.

Obesity, diabetes, autism, schizophrenia and other diseases may be a result of these genes being shut on and off. Research is ongoing. As a writer, I am intrigued. (as a human, I am worried about stress)



Writer’s Block Festival

November 10, 2018. Spalding University,

College Street Building, 812 South Second Street



The Louisville Literary Arts’s Writer’s Block Festival brings together published and emerging writers, readers, professors, and book industry professionals for a full-day, free public event: readings, panels, staged interviews, open mics, and a print & resource fair. Workshops and agent/editor pitches are fee-based and require pre-registration.  Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, spoken word, and playwriting.




What is the SCBWI?

SCBWI: Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is a nonprofit organization for writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, agents, librarians, educators, booksellers and so on who are involved in children’s literature. This includes picture & board books, middle grade, young adult, new adult (older YA)


Halloween Horrors

I hope you have a perfectly gruesome Halloween

At great personal peril, I overheard a witch’s Halloween plans.

Halloween Horrors


Ah, me lovelies, me pesky little humans,

Witch’s delight, dark stormy night,

Not an end in sight of total fright.


My cauldron is a boil, blood stains the soil,

Yowling black cats, screeching long-winged bats,

A green-eyed toad, a handful of woad,

Pinch of eye of newt, hunk of hemlock root.


I have just the charm to do your enemy harm,

I love to cast a spell, where it goes I cannot tell.

Trick or treat? I got you beat.


I am Mictēcacihuātl, Mic-te-ka-si-waatl, Lady of the Dead, the Queen of Mictlan (queen of the underworld). Nowadays, I am known as La Calavera Catrina, Skull Catrina. [Chuck’s warning: frangipani flowers can be poisonous]


Frangipani Fright


I am coming for you, perhaps this very night.

I might just swallow you whole, take you to Mictlan.

Perhaps I will just pluck your heart out on a pyramid,

Cast your corpse into a field of orange marigolds.

Or I could boil you in a pot of chilies,

Place you in an Aztec taco.

Don’t sleep tonight,

I like to look my victims in the eye.


Calaveras 4

My version of a Mexican skull poem.


Here Lies Charles Suddeth


Charles Suddeth


His friends were few,

But his enemies legion.


Neither woman nor wife,

Wanted his presence.


He never had a buck,

Owed everyone in town.


He might have had family,

Nobody claimed him.


He made the ladies smile,

When he left the room.


He’s gone to Hell,

If the Devil claims him.


We’ll never forget him,

Whoever he was.

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