My mother, Mary Katherine Pait Suddeth, left for the Summer Lands in 2011.

June in Triplicate

Charles Suddeth


Dad hated the daytime,

He always drove in the night,

Through dark Hoosier towns,

Mom asleep in the backseat.

Dad said the diners stank,

We passed them all by,

I fiddled with the radio,

Listened to “Ramblin’ Rose.”


Dad still drove through the night,

Mom still asleep in the backseat.

At a New York truck stop,

We choked down stale coffee.

Mom decided to stretch her legs.

We drove off in the dark,

She still stood in the parking lot,

Trembling hands on hips,

I found a radio station,

They played “Ramblin’ Rose.”


Dad chose to leave us,

Left me to drive all alone

Through life’s dark nights,

Mom never forgot New York.

She finally joined Dad,

Somewhere on a radio,

“Ramblin’ Rose” is playing.

I want to wish mothers everywhere a really Happy Mother’s Day. This includes stepmothers, foster mothers, and so on.

My mother, Mary Katherine Pait Suddeth left for the Summer Lands in 2011.

Wolf of nightmares

Dire wolves originated in North America before spreading to Asia and South America. The size of a large wolf they are not true wolves but are canines. They have been extinct about 9,500 years (or not, cameras have caught wolf-like creatures).

Cool cars

The Kaiser automobile was made from 1947 to 1955. Kaiser Motors made cars in alliance with a bewildering number of companies. Frazier Motors, Willys Cars/Jeep, Sears (Sears nameplate), even buying Studebaker assets—AM General/Hummer. I remember them because when I was small a neighbor had a Kaiser that I thought looked cool/ahead of its time.

Lord of the Caves Part 7

Oh-see-rah dropped to his knees and grabbed his spear thrower. Slapping a spear in, he peered into the night. “Come closer, and you will taste of my spear!”

“Oh-see-rah? Is that you?” His brother’s voice. Hah-nah-pah was a winter younger.

Oh-see-rah dropped his spear thrower and stood. “Where’s your torch?”

Hah-nah-pah chuckled. “I smothered it. I didn’t know who was fishing in the middle of the night.”

Oh-see-rah told him about the pair of T-Rexes.

Hah-nah-pah lit his torch with Oh-see-rah’s. “At dusk I spoke with the others. We believe the Mountain Folk lured the pair of Terrible Thunderers to our wooded dale. They have a nest at the end of the creek, just before it empties into the river.”

Expecting the T-Rexes, Oh-see-rah glanced over his shoulder. “Why lure them here?”

“We Dell Folk have fine caves. High in the mountains, it is cold, and the caves are hard to find, as is food. They often burrow into the earth and eat all manner of crawling beasties.”

“Let us do something about the Terrible Thunderers first.” Oh-see-rah waved his torch. “Fire terrifies them.”

Hah-nah-pah aimed his torch at the mountains. “We shall drive the Terrible Thunerers off and then make the Mountain Folk sorry they ever crawled out of their little spider holes.”

Oh-see-rah held his dripping hands out. “I couldn’t hunt at dusk, so I need to fish.”

Hah-nah-Pah shoved his torch into the ground. “Let me help.”

They noodled until the bag would hold no more fish.

“That’s enough,” said Oh-see-rah.

Hah-nah-pah scooped up both torches. “I’ll help you.”

“Thank you.” Oh-see-rah was glad to have help. The bag of whiskered fish was indeed heavy.

They walked in silence, no point in drawing attention—saber-toothed tigers and dire wolves and cave bears relished a moonless night—they all had a keen sense of smell and good ears that made up for blindness.

They came to the cave. While Oh-see-rah told his woman, Ee-sha-nah, about the fishing, Hah-nah-pah explored the back of the cave.

Hah-nah-pah circled, letting his torch shine on the cave walls. “Do you realize how huge this cave is?”

Everyone stared, even the little ones.

Oh-see-rah hadn’t thought about that part of the cave in a long time. “This is cave is big enough for half the dell.”

“Yes,” said Hah-nah-pah. “Will you allow me and my family to live here?”

“Of course. We can protect each other.” Oh-see-rah hadn’t asked his mate. “Ee-shee-na, do you agree?”


“Thank you,” said Hah-nah-Pah. “I shall bring my family over right away.”

“Let me help you.” Oh-see-rah thought of the T-Rexes. “But we still have a problem with the pair of Terrible Thunderers.”

“Men! Let me show you how to do it.” Eee-shee-nah grabbed two cold torches and stuck them in the fire. “Follow me.”

With her leading, both men followed her. She marched toward the cave’s mouth with a torch in each hand, sooty smoke streaming out. Oh-see-rah did not know what she had in mind as she circled around the paling stakes.

Several paces from the stakes, she halted and plunged the end of both torches into the earth. “Now go bring your brother’s family over. No Terrible Thunderer will walk over two flames.”

Oh-see-rah hugged her. “Great thinking.”

“Men!” She hugged him back. “Hurry back.”

Torches in hand, the two men rushed into the night.

Halfway there, something yelled, YOWL.


Copyright 2021 Charles Suddeth

Friday May 7 is a special holiday—No Pants Day. (if you’re squeamish, quit reading) Participation is optional, I have opted out. My 8th great grandfather, David Suddeth, celebrated no pants day daily—he was from Scotland (kilts are allowed today).  


Crosley Motors was in business from 1939 to 1952. Produced in Marion Indiana, they were ahead of their time: subcompacts, SUVs, 4-weel disc brakes, overhead cams. I recall them because hot rod/drag racing people liked to use the bodies.

Tucker 48 AKA Tucker Torpedo. Preston Tucker produced 51 cars in 1948 before going out of business due to bankruptcy. He blamed the Big 3 automakers for sabotaging his cars that were years ahead of their time; rear engines, roll bars, 4 wheel independent suspension. I got to see one in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.

Book Review

Review for Experiment 38

Experiment 38 is a thrilling read from start to finish, with a sweet romance and friendship throughout. I loved Nate’s devotion to Emily, especially given the dangers that lurked around every corner. I also loved Nate’s friends who helped no matter what catastrophes could befall them. They seemed to like the risks! But, I didn’t expect to be so enthralled as it is a young adult book. I figured it would be an enjoyable romance novel, with a simple mystery thrown in. I also didn’t expect to be guessing until the end what the heck was going on with Emily! Was she a robot, a real girl, something in between? To find out, read Experiment 38 by Charles Suddeth. You won’t be disappointed! 

By Shawn Simon, author of Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms.

Website: StepmomShawn.com

Facebook: Stepmom Shawn Simon Says 

Twitter: @shawnsimon44

Kidnapped! Is Emily’s scientist-dad the bad guy? When her boyfriend fumbles, Emily saves herself. Experiment 38, #romance, #thriller http://www.4rvpublishingcatalog.com/charles-suddeth.php


Cinco de Mayo! May 5, 1862 an outnumbered Mexican army of untrained mestizos and Indians defeated a French army near the city of Puebla. This day is celebrated in the USA as a symbol of Mexican-American heritage and in the state of Puebla as source of Mexican pride. (some suggest that losing this battle discouraged the French from aiding the Confederate Army)

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